We can arrange burial in any cemetery in New Jersey. Ceremonies prior to burial can be arranged graveside or in our Funeral Home. If you need burial services and are not in New Jersey, we can recommend one of our many funeral director agents anywhere in the country. 

Cemetery charges are “cash disbursements”, meaning funeral homes arrange for the cemetery and pass through the cemetery charges to the family they are serving. Those charges are never “marked up.” If a family owns a grave already, they can expect to be charged by the cemetery for a grave opening and any past due plot charges that may exist such as “maintenance”. Be aware that in New Jersey a small fee is added to the opening charge and passed to the State of New Jersey in order to care for any cemeteries that have been abandoned or neglected.

Grave opening charges vary greatly and start at approximately $1,000 but are generally much higher. Grave purchase prices also very greatly depending on the cemetery, and start over $1,000.

Most cemeteries require a concrete “grave liner” or “burial vault” to be placed into the opened grave and the casket (coffin) to be placed inside. The purpose of the vault is to allow the casket to be undisturbed when adjacent graves are opened, and to keep the ground from settling. Various models of vaults have various prices. The vault is purchased through the Funeral Home. Call for pricing.

If your family, tragically, has lost a child, our Funeral Home is minutes away from a cemetery that has a specific children’s grave section. The cemetery cost for the grave and opening is under $500.


Please get in touch for more information on what is available.