For information regarding charges please see our Packages Page. For a more detailed estimate, call us anytime at 732-600-3043.

New Jersey Medicaid will pay $3056.00 towards the funeral home charges and $714.00 towards the crematory’s charge if eligible for benefits.

Please give us a call and we will give you an estimate of the out of pocket charges based on the services you would like.

We contact Medicaid directly, confirm eligibility, and file all necessary paperwork.

Medicare will not contribute toward the cost of funeral/cremation.

No, in the state of New Jersey only a funeral home can schedule a cremation. We will discuss with you the crematory most suited to your family’s needs.

In the state of New Jersey cremation cannot occur until 24 hours has passed from the time of death.

Embalming is the injection of chemicals through the circulatory system which sanitizes, preserves and improves appearance. Embalming is not always required, however, no human remains may remain unburied or uncremated in New Jersey for more than 48 hours unless embalmed or refrigerated. Embalming is mandatory for transferring to India, autopsied cases, organ and long bone donations, or if the Funeral Director determines a health risk exists by NOT embalming.

Yes. Our staff has exclusively worked with the Asian Indian community for many years and we are familiar with all types of cultural attire. Your family may assist if you wish .

We will provide you with the death certificates which are obtained through our local municipality.