Date of Death: October 27, 2021

It is with a heavy heart that we share the passing of our beloved, Ajay Patel of Monroe Twp., NJ. Ajay left us peacefully on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at the age of 42 years, surrounded by loved ones.

Ajay was vibrant and left a lasting impression on everyone he met. He was a devoted son, a doting father, a loving brother and uncle, and the most loyal friend. We will forever remember his big welcoming smile and penchant for bringing excitement to every conversation. He will always be loved and deeply missed.

Ajay Patel is survived by parents Jagdish and Bharti Patel, brother Ashish Patel & sister in law Mona Patel, nephew Liam Patel, and the love of his life, daughter, Leyah Patel.

Funeral services for Ajay Patel will take place Saturday, October 30, 2021 from 9am-11am at Franklin Memorial Park. Franklin Memorial Park is located at 1800 Route 27 in North Brunswick, NJ. Please be advised that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic facial coverings are required. Thank you for your cooperation.

There will be limited capacity due to Covid restrictions but a live virtual viewing for those who cannot attend may be found at: Ajay Patel Funeral Livestream

21 thoughts on “Ajay Patel”

  1. We have just heard the sad news of AJ’s passing from his cousin at the corner shop in Carshalton. Alan and myself Sharon remember him fondly as being a very close friend of our son Daniel Blight and also the kindness of his parents to our family.

  2. Kimberly and Ellen Cathcart

    Ajay was an amazing friend and father, I will miss him so much. He would always make you laugh and smile, Rest In Peace and me and my mom will always love and think of you. Condolences to all of his family and friends

  3. I know it’s late I just heard the news today from the old bartender at the hotel here in Clearfield I worked with AJ and his mom and dad for a few years he will be truly missed he was a good friend we got along so great together it was a really good friend even came to my house and stayed off and on and he was a good cook you will be missed AJ I miss you man my condolences to the family

  4. Heartbroken to learn of Ajay’s passing. He was quick with a smile or a laugh, always a good friend, and loved his daughter more than anyone. Hope to see that smile again one day my friend but just not too soon. Love you homie

  5. I’m deeply saddened to here of Ajay’s passing. The many years I worked at Jax we shared countless memories that I will forever treasure. He had such a charismatic personality and bright smile that will always be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Until we meet again R.I.P

  6. Ajay was always so cool. He had this charisma and charm about him. Cheeky, witty and always making people laugh.
    A life lost too soon. The world will miss you bro. Rest in peace.

  7. Mona & Ashish Patel

    We couldn’t get the words out today but wanted to share with everyone.

    Thank you all for coming today to honor our brother Ajay. He had the kindest heart of anyone we have ever met and always carried a smile even on his toughest days. We were so proud of him and his latest achievements in his career. He was an incredible chef, he loved fishing and spending quality time with leyah and running around after Liam. His time here with us was short but we are truly lucky to have him in our lives and will cherish every memory spent with him. He will be deeply missed by all- but he will live in our hearts for the rest of our lives. He made our lives fuller and richer just by being a part of it.

    Now that he has moved to the next part of his souls journey, of course there is emptiness and pain, even anger to a death coming so early but the gift of Ajay’s life remains here with us. He lives on in our memories and stories, and in what all of us have become because of him. So I encourage you to share –today, tomorrow and in all the years to come- your memories and stories, and to share the joy he has brought to our lives. In this way we will keep the gift of Ajay’s life alive. He once told us that every person you cross paths with teaches you something about yourself if you pay attention and Ajay has taught us how to live for today.

    We know Ajay will be our angel now and We feel extremely blessed that we had him as our brother. We only pray that he is always our brother in lifetimes to come. Love you with all our heart and soul.

    Mona & Ashish

    1. Such beautiful words. Thank you for sharing. I’ll always carry his smile with me. I will definitely miss his ability to light up a room. ❤️

    2. Ashish,

      Is Paulie from law school, wtf happened bro? I am so sorry to hear this and we are so devastated and sad. Love you brother so sorry for your loss.

      PP III- Pokey

  8. Gemma Herrington (Levens)

    Ajay the life and soul of every party. A true legend (even if he did support Manchester United). My memories of Ajay from his life in London, will live on. My heart goes out to all his family and friends. The world is missing a top guy. RIP fella xxxx

  9. Always made everyone laugh and was a Beautiful person. He will be missed dearly. Love you my Brother. With all the great memories you will never be forgotten.

  10. My cool uncle who I most certainly looked up to in so many ways. Certainly an influence on me

    So many great memories, that just like Ajay, will never be forgotten.

    Until we meet again

  11. Sorry for your loss and we here in Clearfield will miss our times we had at Jax and as well as all of us who have got the joy to meet and work with him, we are here to pray for him and your family!

    Love from Clearfield,
    Audra, Candice and Peter Shah

  12. Woke up to this terrible news this morning. Our thoughts and love are with the family. Ajay was a close friend growing up in London, and was an absolute ray of light, I fondly remember so many great memories together.

    1. My brother Ajay was one of a kind, always had a vibrant smile and a positive attitude towards almost anything. Growing up in London with Ajay and his family shall never be forgotten. So many great memories from back then and these great times continued throughout his life in New Jersey whenever I visited him and his family. Ajay will be missed by many around the world and I know for me that things won’t be the same without him. I’ll miss talking to him and having the odd laughs now and then. But his memories shall live on forever. I love you bro and will miss you each and every day.

      Sleep well and may you Rest In Peace

      From your London brother Roopesh

    2. I’ve just heard the terrible news today.
      Ajay was one of my best friends growing up in carshalton. We had so much fun together and he was always the life of the party! I will never forget the friendship we had before he moved to America. My love and thoughts go out to his family! You will never be forgotten, rest in peace.

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