Date of Death: August 1, 2022

Funeral services for Ashwini Joshi will take place Thursday, August 4, 2022 from 1-3pm at Franklin Memorial Park. Franklin Memorial Park is located at 1800 Route 27 in North Brunswick, NJ.

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    1. श्रीराम
      ओम शांती शांती
      खुप दुर्दैवी घटना मन अगदीं सुन्न झालं
      भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजली.
      सद्गुरू, परमेश्र्वर आपल्या कुटुंबाला दुःख सहन करण्याची ताकद देवो .
      हरी ओम तत्सत.

  1. Rahul,
    So so sorry for your loss.
    Wishing you courage to face the days ahead and may loving memories bring you strength and comfort.

  2. Vivek, Geeta and family

    हसरी, बोलकी, मनमिळावू आश्विनी आज आपल्यात नाही यावर विश्वासच बसत नाही. तिच्या स्मृती आपल्या मनात व विचारात सदैव राहतील. तिच्या पावित्र्य आत्म्यास चिरशांती लाभो हीच ईश्वरचरणी प्रार्थना. भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजली🙏💐

  3. Really it is so sad and unbelievable. I feel bad that I was not in touch with the family for last 3-4 years. Hope Rahul and kids will have a strength to face this situation and come out strong. RIP dear Ashwini.

  4. Rahul,

    My sincerest condolences to you at this time. I cannot imagine what you must be going through. Your dedication to your work has been absolute from what I have seen and so I can only assume your same dedication to your family. I hope this time of healing will bring comfort and strength to you. Take care.

    – Scott

  5. May her soul rest in peace. Om Shanti.
    May God give strength to Rahul and his family to face and overcome this unbearable loss.

  6. We will always remember the Ashwini’s smiling face. God give strength to Rahul and Kids. Our prayers are with you all

  7. Michelle Miranda

    Ashu always had a smile no matter what was going on. That positive attitude and choice to be happy is rare. She never gave up in her battle with cancer, always hopeful and willing to try options. She will remain in our thoughts and prayers. May her soul be at peace.

  8. It was a previlige being with Ashwini since our first day of school. All through 38 years of our friendship I have hardly seen her sad. She is the one who taught me to smile. “Live life to the fullest” was her teaching always.

    I have lots and lots of memories to cherish. Even during winters when she had chapped lips she would laugh aloud and then say nothing can stop me smile and laugh “ho ho ho ho hu hu hu hu” she would go on… She was a superb cook who taught me make Pizza… We had many failed attempts as kids but finally could make it.. her perseverance made her a perfectionist. Her puran poli, rice bhakri, aloo paratha, coffee with brown bread were sooo relishing. As a single child she took utmost care of her parents. Stood by them always as she stood by all in her Life. Her generosity one can never match…. I can go on and on … As she would enter our home it was no less than a laughter challenge stage.

    ASHU was just like my twin soul. I will cherish moments with her always.

    I am sure that she will attain Moksha and even on the other side of this world she will be bringing a smile on someone’s face.

    Kaku, Rahul, Mrudula, Adwait your loss of a just irreparable but her teaching and love is always with you. May you have the strength to bear this loss and give strength to live a life for yourself and Ashu… Do all she wanted you to do

    Will be always with you..

  9. Priya Jayadevan

    Deeply saddened by the news. Can’t believe that Ashwini is not with us . Such a kind hearted person.Praying for her soul to Rest In Peace!
    May God give strength and courage to Rahul and family to face and over come this situation.

  10. Kind soul gone too soon. Saw her smiling always, doing things for others during ganpati or otherwise even when they had bigger things to deal with of their own. Ashwini will be in everyone’s heart forever! May god give strength to Rahul & family and may her soul Rest In Peace. Om Shanti 🙏🏼

  11. Mahendra Ghedia

    It’s not fair that a caring and diamond hearted person is no longer with us. You were just like my elder sister and whenever we meet, we used to see ever smiling person. We always had huge respect for you. Bhagwan Ashwiniji ki aatma ko shanti de. May god give all the strength to Rahul and kids.

    1. Atya was cheerful and enthusiastic
      Atya is no more this is Huge loss for our family

      Missing her badly

      May here soul rest in peace 🙏

  12. I can’t believe that ashvini is not with us 😮‍💨 Ashvini you will be always stay in our heart sweetheart, God give big strength to Rahulbhai and kids🙏 om shanti 🙏

  13. काही शब्दच सुचत नाहीत. फक्त देवाजवळ एकच प्रार्थना की आशुडी तिच्या पुढच्या प्रवासात सुद्धा अशीच हसरी आनंदी उत्साही सुखात असुदे कायम.

  14. Ashwini may your soul Rest In Peace. We will always remember your smiling face. May god give all the strength to Rahul and kids.

    Om Shanti 🙏🏻

  15. This is truly tragic loss for Rahul and Ashwini’s family. Praying for her soul to attain eternal peace and for strength to the family to bear the loss. My sincere condolences to Rahul and Ashwin’s family.

  16. Ahswini will remain in our memories forever. She fought battle to the last.
    Rahul did lot many things to fulfill her wishes & treatment.
    OM Shanti

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