Date of Death: August 13, 2022

Jai Jinendra, Hina Gunvantria Mehta at age 78 has passed away while with her son Mahavirkumar Gunvantria Mehta next to her bedside, in Phillipburg, New Jersey.

Hina Mehta was born on December 4, 1943. She lived a wonderful life in Dhoraji, India while she grew up with her 10 siblings. She was married on June 10, 1979 to Gunvantria Shantilala Mehta and had two terrific children, a son Mahavir and a daughter Sonal. On August 17, 1982 she lost her husband, but she remained strong and determined to bring both of her children to Chicago USA in 1984.

In her life she was a strong and active woman who loved to learn new things and keep progressing on in life. She was a woman of independence and strength. As her time came near an end, her last wish was to live and be near her son as she leaves this world to go to heaven. Being the eldest of the four sisters she was the one responsible for her younger siblings. Her family has said that “She was the beautiful one of all the sisters and the symbol of the Dhoraji family.”

“My mother was the type of person that was always there for you and she meant the world to me. She would always encourage to me live and enjoy everyday, regardless of the circumstances. She possessed an immeasurable strength that would radiate from her, so much so that she would share that strength with me and as such you never felt alone. That feeling helped make me a better person, always. She was my life line and I felt very proud that I could call her “My Mother”. I will dearly miss her and I feel very fortunate, proud and lucky to have had the opportunity to care for her as she had taken care of me. She will be forever missed, but not forgotten.” (Mahavir-Son)

My brother, Mahavir Mehta, calls our Mom, “My Mother” Now I understand the deep meaning of it. ”My Mother” means that I will be next to you, I will help you, and I will do anything to please you and make you comfortable Mother. I will do anything in my power just to help keep you happy Mother”. I haven’t seen or heard of any other son doing this much for their Mom.

“I am thankful for my Mom who helped me find and eventually marry Hitesh Vaghasia, my husband. If it were not for my Mom I would have never met my wonderful husband. My Mom believed in marrying someone who loves you. That’s bond of love is so strong. I love you Mom and thank you for teaching me many skills and life lessons as I grew up, especially her favorite dish, Dal Dhokli.” (Sonal-Daughter)

“My sister, I am glad that I got to live with you for many years, you did a lot for me as time went. I will never forget you and you will always stay in my heart. You always gave me support and strength. I will miss you and your support and strength. I will miss your heart.” (Ushaben-Sister)

“She was a fighter and smartest daughter of all four sisters. She worked here in Chicago and supported both kids. We supported her until Prafullbhai and Shakhar came to USA. All the beautiful brothers and sisters lived together and supported each other. Bapujee was the main support and their strength, but the strength for Bapujee was Hinaben here USA and in Dhoraji India. She was handling all family matters. She always gave gave me and all the family members strength. She was always happy and had a beautiful smile on her face, even in the worst of circumstances.” Harshad and Ila (Brother-in-Law, Sister)

“My fondest memories of Hinafai is that in her life she always believed in enjoying life to the maximum extent possible. She was as beautiful a person on the inside as was on the outside. She was kind and caring to me and I will forever remember her strength and compassion. May her soul Rest In Peace” (Alpa-Niece)

“Hinafai was very strong and brave woman. We will miss her very much. We will miss all of her witty sayings. She was very smart and her memory was incredibly sharp. I would need a calculator and she could do the math in her head in seconds. She was a fighter with a strong will power. May her Soul Rest in Peace. Hari Om…Om Shanti Om” (Brother, Nephews and Family-Chhelbhai, Arjun, Vishal, and Family)

“I still remember when we were kids in India, Hinafai took my brothers and me to the bazaar to buy bicycles for all of us. It has always been a fond memory of mine. Hinafai was a very strong and kind hearted woman. Even as she got older her wits were always sharp. She took care of my dad when he was younger as if he were her own child. We will miss her very much. May our Hinafai rest in peace. Hari Om….Om Shanti Om” (Brother, Nephews and Family-Shekharbhai, Viki, Zeki, Raj and Family)

Family members

Daughter of Muljibhai R Tank and Ujiben M Tank Muljibhai. They had 10 children; six sons and four daughters. Hina was the oldest daughter amongst her sisters.

Both of Hina’s children married and had wonderful children of their own. The oldest grandchild is Veer Mehta (Mahavir’s son), then Anjali Vaghasia and little Ravi Vaghasia (Sonal Vaghasia‘s children). She was fortunate enough to see and spend time with her three wonderful grandchildren before going to heaven.

Funeral services for Hina Mehta will take place Tuesday, August 16, 2022 from 1-3pm at Franklin Memorial Park. Franklin Memorial Park is located at 1800 Route 27 in North Brunswick, NJ.

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