Date of Death: March 7, 2022

Ratna Chirde passed away on March 7, 2022 at the age of 74 at Bayonne Medical Center, NJ. Known affectionately as Nadi to her family, Ratna Chirde was a fiercely independent and resilient matriarch. Born Ratna Nandi in 1947, just five months before Indian independence, Nadi grew up with her two brothers and a younger sister in India. Tragedy struck when the four children were orphaned and their family became penniless overnight. Rising to the occasion, Nadi cared for her siblings and began her lifelong mission to protect them at any cost. She eventually not only began working at a local medical dispensary, but she fought hard to ensure that her siblings could get jobs.

Throughout her life, she would get a number of proposals for marriage, but she refused them all, fearing that she needed to stay unattached to take care of her siblings. As the matriarch, she worked endlessly to build life for everyone in the family. When her two nephews were born, they became her whole life. She gave both boys their names and when they grew up, she paid for their colleges, making sure that a second-generation of Nandis were given the opportunities that she and her siblings could only dream of.

Later in life, she followed her husband to the US, where she accomplished her dream of becoming an American citizen and began her life in New Jersey. She spent 10 happy years with her dear friend Narayan. Charming, gregarious and a center of attention, she was loved by everyone who met her.

She is survived by Gopal Krishna Nandi (brother); Anjana Nandi (sister-in-law); Gourav Krishna Nandi (nephew); Sarah Nandi (niece-in-law); Sourav Krishna Nandi (nephew); Jessica Nandi (niece-in-law), and her dear friend Narayan Patadia.

Funeral services for Ratna Chirde will take place Tuesday, March 8, 2022 at Asian Indian Funeral Service. Cremation is to follow at Holy Cross Cemetery, in East Brunswick, NJ.

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