“Dear Dawn, a father’s death is difficult for any family and given the circumstances, it was even more difficult for us. I know my Dad’s soul is at rest and I am glad he found that peace at a place with caring people.”

 – Jay

Alex, I was surprised to see my grandmother on Saturday look better than she did the last time I saw her.

It was also nice to for everyone else to see her looking peacefully at rest rather than old and ill. Your skills are almost magical. Thanks too for a very comforting experience and tolerance for our beliefs, though I suspect you knew more about the pot breaking than I did.”

 – Arp

Alex, A note to thank you for your thoughtfulness and to let you know it really meant a lot. Thank you so much once again for going out of your way and joining on ‘Webex’ to show the funeral service for us.”

– Vena & Mihir

Dear All, Thank you for understanding our pain, and walkin with us all the way. The family is indebted to you beyond measure and we couldn’t find the worlds to express our gratitude.”

– Ullas

Your prompt response and guidance during a most difficult time has helped immensely, A personal thanks to Greg. Your attention to detail and patience in answering numerous calls was simply exceptional.”

– Srinivas

Dawn and Marla, We really appreciate your support and working closely with us to ensure everything was taken care of as per our wishes. Sincere thanks.”

– Chandrikant

Thank you Marla, Dawn, Alex, and others for your excellent support making funeral arrangments. We are really thankful to each one of you”

– Mani

My father was sent to India without any hassle or delay, on time and exactly as I saw him at The Hindu Funeral Home. My thanks to The Hindu Funeral Home for making things comfortable and for timely communication of every stage

– Lavanya

Greg and Dawn, I would like to dearly thank you for all your help from beginning until the end.”

– Kesha

Dear Greg, I just want to write to say how much I appreciate your assistance with the repatriation, your expertise made it so much easier for me as a funeral director, not to mention the speed in returning.

 – N.C. Funeral Director

Greg, Thank you and your staff for taking great care of the family. The family was so happy with your services.

– Jaden

They handled my late grandmother’s funeral with class and dignity. The staff were very respectful and listened to every detail concerning her dress, makeup, etc. They did a fantastic job making her look presentable and at peace, especially due to the circumstances in which my grandmother passed. It was hard seeing her go, but she was seen last the way she would have wanted to look and that’s all that matters, thanks to the Hindu Funeral Home”

– Violet

During a difficult time we were recommended the Hindu Funeral Home. We were given clear instructions over the phone prior to our meet on what to carry with us to avoid a second trip We met Marla who was kind, patient and considerate. She walked us through the process. The paper work was handled efficiently. At Holy Cross Burial they put up signs, making it easy for our family and friends to find the service location Alex met us at Holy cross and took it from there. She guided us through the entire process, gave us the privacy we needed and was always around when we needed her. Thank you for your support and help”

– Alok

Our family would like to express their gratitude to Marla, Dawn, Alex and everyone at The Hindu Funeral Home. Every part of this experience was handled with such kindness and professionalism. Thank you for your knowledge of our culture. Thank you for fulfilling our Grandmother’s dying wish by bringing her to our home. Thank you for making our Grandmother look so incredibly beautiful. You have provided our family with such a wonderful memory in this time”

– The Shah Family

Hindu Funeral Home is a professionally run one stop place to take care of the last rites of your loved one, as per traditional Hindu traditions. My mother passed away in the early hours of January the 1st. I was able to get in touch with the Greg on a day when everything is closed. He and his team made all the arrangements for a cremation for my mom on the 3rd. They suggested a North Indian Hindu priest, choice of florists, a place for the services, and choice of cremation centers based on our schedule. I really felt a sense of relief and a feeling of comfort that everything was taken care of, for my highly religious mother.”

– Ashish

Alex, we wanted to thank you and the Hindu Funerals of America for the heartwarming and excellent services you provided to our family during this tough time. Not only did you take care of everything possible but also you did it with your heart and were at all times very sensitive to what the family is going through. Our friends and family who came to the funeral service noticed that too and told us later how you were exceptional in taking care of everything and were very sensitive in working with us. Thank you again for everything.

 – Namrita and Munish

We never expected our Father to pass away so quickly and so we were not prepared. I remember hearing about Hindu Funeral home. Our Hospice nurse called and they were very courteous and told us quickly what to expect. There was empathy and respect. Dawn informed about priest and flowers providers and what to expect with Hindu Pooja and steps. Throughout the process Alex, Dawn & Marla made us comfortable and treated us with respect. Thank you and God Bless

– Yogesh

During a difficult time, the staff at Hindu Funeral Home was so sincere and empathic: they “felt” the pain of losing our loved one. Our family was so impressed with how this business is organized. They knew our Hindu culture and accommodated us exceptionally well. During our time of sorrow and grief, the Hindu Funeral Home was wonderful!”

– Pankaj

Within minutes of talking to Dawn, I realized this was a professional who genuinely cared for her

customers wishes and did everything to make us happy. Greg at the funeral home was similarly

outstanding in his approach in explaining the process of the saying goodbye less painful. Both Dawn and Greg’s sensitivity touched me and I’d recommend the Hindu Funeral Home without hesitation. Thank you Greg and Dawn for all you did for me and my family!”

– Atul